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Crossing into Myanmar

Better known as Burma, Myanmar is only just developing its backpacker scene. Following independence from the British in 1948 the country had a brief stint of democracy but by the early 60’s the military had taken over. Corruption, human rights violations, suppression of free speech and one of the longest running civil wars followed, as did sanctions. In 1996 a tourism boycott was called for by the National League of Democracy (NLD) and what little tourism remained all but stopped.

May Update

Time for an update as I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve spent the last four weeks traveling through Myanmar (Burma). The internet there is unreliable to say the least, plus it was nice not having to think about what to write here for a while. I’ve made notes on the various places I visited and will be slowly writing them up into blog posts as usual. I’ll be catching up on the few remaining posts for Cambodia first though (yes, I’m quite behind with these).