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Abu Dhabi

While flying Etihad to India I took the opportunity to stopover in Abu Dhabi, my second visit to the United Arab Emirates after Dubai. Though the capital city it’s smaller and less developed than Dubai. Most journeys are done by taxi and attractions can be far apart which isn’t ideal on a backpacker budget. While there is a bus it requires a prepaid card which can only be bought and topped up from specific places - all of which I’d have needed a taxi to get to anyway.


I spent just a few days in Dubai to break up the longer trip from Manchester to Taipei. Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, formed in 1971 the UAE is easily the youngest country I’ve visited. I arrived around 8pm so jumped on the Dubai Metro to my hotel just a few stops away. The metro is the best way to cover long distances with the red line running parallel to the coast.