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Indonesia: Lombok and Bali

After my trip to Mt Bromo I headed to Surabaya and took a flight over to Lombok. I’d originally planned to visit Flores but with Bali airport closed due to ash from Mt Raung I altered my plans. I stopped in Kuta for a couple of nights, a town popular with surfers and far quieter than the town in Bali of the same name. There are some nice beaches further out of town but those in the centre are extremely littered and not somewhere where you would want to swim.

Indonesia: Mt Bromo

After a quick tour through western and central Java I headed to the east to see Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, generally just called Bromo by travellers and tour agencies. There are many tours to Bromo from Jogja where I was last, but these are very rushed and involve a 12-hour minibus, less than half a day around Bromo itself and then a 9-hour bus the following day to catch the ferry to Bali.

Indonesia: Java

After having a break in Singapore I took a two hour AirAsia flight to Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta on the island of Java. Much like Manila in the Philippines, Jakarta has a bad reputation with travellers as a hugely congested, polluted and sprawling city and it’s mostly deserved. I just spent a short afternoon and night there before moving on to my first proper stop, Bogor. Street scenes in Jakarta